Sodos: The Cursed Land

In ancient times, there was a legend that the God of humans fought against Devil. After the battle, God split the Devil’s by head, body, and limbs. God then sealed them in 3 separate locations called Sodo using 3 talismans as a medium to seal the Devil.


Some time between the Bronze Age and the Iron Age…

In a country called the Three Hans, there was a Sodo – a sacred sanctuary where the faithful prayed for wealth and good fortune. In there was a Cheon-goon, the high priest, for each Sodo for ritual. The Three Hans was plagued by bandits. But the Cheon-goon who took pity on the bandits, ordered the soldiers not to pursue or arrest any of the bandits within the Sodo. The Devil used his energy to corrupt the bandits causing the whole sanctuary to be filled with evil energy. The bandits, overwhelmed by this evil energy, turned into monsters and terrorized the citizens of the Three Hans. Even the Cheon-goon succumbed to the corruption, and in his madness he attempted to kill the King of Jin, who watched over the Three Hans. The Cheon-goon’s attempt was thwarted, but he would not relent, and he attacked the King of Jin many times. The evil within Sodo threatened the entire nation. And so the masters of 78 different clans arranged a meeting, gathering the clans’ most skilled and courageous warriors to band together and destroy the Sodo.


After desperate wars, finally the Three Hans regained their peace again. It seemed that no more monsters emerged from the last Sodo for quite a while, and people unwisely believed that their peace would last forever…


About Ten Peaceful Years Later….

People had almost forgot about their old war, and only enjoyed the rewards of war, everyday life.


Meanwhile, “Ho-jo”, an elder of a clan called “Gusaodan” who foresaw the disaster coming again if the Sodo remained as it were, proposed the second plan to annihilate the Sodo to each clan. However, many masters of small clans ignored the proposal because they had been in peace for too long and believed that there would be no more war again. However, 13 clans agreed to Ho-Jo’s proposal organized a secret society named “Soma Society”.


Soma Society consisted of 3 divisions. The first division is for Weapon Research & Development named ‘Yeon-cheon’. The second division is for Martial Arts Training named ‘Yong-in’. The last division is for Spell Academy named ‘Sool-Ji’.


19 years later, a terrible tragedy took place. Private houses within “Dong-ye”, “Ok-jo”, “Goguryeo”, “Bu-yeo”, and other countries except the Three Hans, were raided suddenly. Other clans thought the raids were committed by the Three Hans, and mistakenly started a war…


The King of Jin was murdered and many innocent people were persecuted. However, by the arbitration of “Ho-jo the Buddhist Master”, the war was ended, and soon after “Sodo Annihilation Plan” was initiated again.

The country “Bu-yeo” summoned its parent clan “Dark Angels(Summoners)” conquering “Tunguses” in Siberia, to fight against Sodos. “Goguryeo” conciliated a giant clan called “Yacha” hidden in Tibet, and brought them into “Sodos Annihilation Plan” with ‘Soma Society’.

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