The Expendables: Asia Express


Spin-off of the Expendables 4. A veteran mercenary of French foreign legion adventures to find hidden gold at Japanese colonial era of Korea. Fight against injustice with the Expendables & JC.


In 1940, Japanese naval officer Miyasato Hidetoku of the Chojanmaru was in charge of war material support. He fell in love with a Chinese woman while he had been in China and happened to listen a prophecy of Japan collapse from a Chinese prophet. Afterward, Japanese government commanded to carry all the treasures, which were deprived from China and Southeastern Asia, to Japan in the mood of lost battle in 1944. He listened to his woman about their newborn and atomic bomb of Hiroshima right before returning back to Japan.

He let the ship sink to the bottom of ocean in front of Jeju island, and disappeared after moving about 800 kilograms of gold to Busan. Steve, discharged mercenary after 8 year service from French foreign army, invested 7 million dollars and starts to track old treasures from China after listening to the story from Auguste Bourdaret, archaeologist and grand son of Emile Bourdaret.

Analyzing with Chinese treasure hunter JC as a mentor, they found that the wrecked ship had been flown into nearby sea in front of Hermosa beach in California after over 20 years of drift by influence of Kobe earthquake in 1995.

He worked with JC under the promise of returning Chinese treasures to China government. However, they encounter and get into trouble with Japanese treasure hunters and Chinese mercenaries hired by the government.